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    Meet Loren Fogelman, your business success coach

    Loren Fogelman is founder of Business Success Solution and an international business coach. She helps business owners turn their passion and purpose for helping others into a profitable business that supports your lifestyle. Results-focused and strengths-based, she motivates her clients to achieve business success without sacrificing their lifestyle.

    Loren is author of The Winning Point – How to Master the Mindset of Champions, an Amazon #1 bestseller. Recognized as a high performance business coach by the LA Times, Loren delivers the little known tactics to shift entrepreneurs from average to extraordinary so they consistently achieve more in less time.

    As a sought after speaker, she frequently engages entrepreneurial and sports audiences with insights about how to step up and succeed by teaching reliable principles you can capitalize on for business success.

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    “Increased Prosperity!”

    “Loren’s unique way of combining both inner and outer zeroed in on some blind spots and blocks to help create incredible belief and perception shifts. I let go of “inner gunk” I didn’t even know was there. My business and life was enhanced tremendously. I now have a greater grounding into the next upleveled direction that my business is moving in, the centeredness to execute it and an increase in my prosperity.”

    Heather Dominick*


    “Monthly income grew”

    “I literally reached every single goal we set including firing my worst client, increasing my monthly income by 50% and keeping it there, and replacing 50% of my income with passive revenue. It was nothing short of a complete transformation of my business – and of me, since I am the business. More importantly I am a changed man. I have grown in confidence, courage, and resilience. Where I saw a dead end, I now see endless possibility.”

    Jon Humberstone*

    “Cut the excuses”

    “Loren’s focused approach was instantly apparent. As a business coach, she helps us get to the heart of our issues and clarify the effectiveness of each business action. I encourage every business owner I meet to make an appointment with her. Create the opportunity to connect with Loren and her laser focused approach to increasing success in business.”

    Cat Bonney*

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