Money Blocks Affect Your Prosperity

Money blocks affect your prosperity

Have you ever cringed putting a price tag on your unique abilities and genius? Have you ever shrunk back in negotiations and settled for less than you are worth? Ever wonder how money blocks affect your prosperity?

Most entrepreneurs struggle with under-earning and are uncertain about how […]

Remove the Costly Money Leaks in Your Business

Money leaks in your business

Ever count the money leaks in your business? Savvy business owners figure out how to quickly plug a hole once it’s discovered. With so much on your plate, it’s easy to allow the little problems to be ignored.

The issue suddenly jumps to the top of the list when crisis arises. […]

Six Easy Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Because public speaking can be fearful, I want to share my strategy to overcome your fear of speaking.

1. Embrace your message. Having a business which honors your talents creates opportunities. Determine what service you are delivering. Identify how your service, or product, improves the lives of your ideal client. Create the key points or steps […]

Begin Talking Your Walk to Grow Your Business

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. We think, see and perceive our world differently than those around us. Instead of staying with the traditional status quo security of a job, we have made a step to do things differently by creating our own business.

If you have taken this step you are most likely excellent at what […]

Weeding Out the Social Networking Excuses

The answers are available

Just as there are many reasons not to market your business, there are just as many reasons to progress despite the fears.

My social networking and public speaking skills were acquired. When I first began speaking, I would have an aerobic heartbeat just about the thought of being onstage or in front of […]

Lining Up Pricing and Value for Business Success – Part 2

So what makes one person motivated to charge for her services, making a nice, comfortable living, versus someone else who is giving away their education, information and time? Your underlying beliefs affect your decisions. In a nutshell, that is it. Sounds simple, but not always easy.

The goal is to have your beliefs, feelings and actions […]

Your Fears Affect Business Growth – Part 1

What is holding you back?

Earlier today I was talking with a client about her business. She has so much to offer her clients. In fact, Denise has been steadily building her business, adding onto her team. Sounds great, right? On the outside everything looks like she is gearing up for success. Well during our coaching […]

EFT to Become Crystal Clear on Your Business Plan

Follow Loren Fogelman as she uses the Emotional Freedom Techniques to focus on becoming crystal clear on creating a plan to reach the next level of success in your business. Receive […]

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