Our Business Economy Depends on Family Owned Businesses

Family owned businesses strengthen our economy

Wednesday, March 29, is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day to honor the millions of family-owned businesses that help drive the U.S. economy. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), family owned businesses make up 80- 90% of all business enterprises in North America, and are responsible for 62% […]

6 Sizzling Guest Expert Interview Tips

Guest expert interview

I’m a fan of telesummits. They literally changed my life. I found my first business coach while listening to her guest expert interview on a telesummit. Later I joined her coaching program as I transitioned from my brick and mortar business to an online business.

Since then, I have hosted telesummits where I interviewed guest experts. […]

Let’s Celebrate Together

9756This past week I was surrounded by entrepreneurs eager to learn about systems, creating leveraged income and setting up for the next level of success. Attending events with like-minded people is invigorating. Plus, it is good for business. You don’t have to be on stage speaking in […]

Celebrate Your Success

I always look forward to the Business Breakthrough Mastermind Meetings with my clients. We always set the tone by sharing BIG wins, celebrations and successes. It serves several purposes.

Think about it, how often do you get to openly brag to others about your accomplishments, whether it is landing a couple of new clients, signing a […]

A Time to Celebrate

Have you noticed that some weeks are ordinary and other weeks are extraordinary? Well this past week was extraordinary. So much was packed into seven days.

Steve and I attended the Inner Game of Abundance Mindset Retreat with Fabienne Fredrickson. It was amazing. Not only did she share a lot of content, but I connected with […]

Embracing Change

Right now there are so many changes going on in my life and my business, it is mind-boggling. Steve and I have been talking about these things for quite awhile now. We didn’t realize everything was all going to all converge at one time.

The most significant, and exciting, changes affect both of us. The transformations […]

Connect to Your Center of Influence

Have you ever met someone who was a connector? They enjoy introducing people, knowing the introduction will benefit each person. Connectors seem to know everyone.

They are acquainted with people in the community. Intuition plays a big part in knowing when to make a connection. It is all about creating new relationships. A connector can turn […]

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Often people will appear to be confident on the outside, but what is going on inside is a very different picture. Mary was in that exact situation when she first began working with me. Her mindset was affecting her business. Mary craved aligning her inner game with her goals. She was prepared to do whatever […]

Surround Yourself with Winners

Last week with Fabienne Fredrickson at her Marketing and Mindset Breakthroughs Workshop was powerful. She delivers on marketing and mindset, understanding their powerful connection. If your head is not in the right place, then you are not going to take action.

Two days ahead of the event I was asked to be onstage with her, sharing […]

Did This Ever Happen to You?

Last year in April I went to my first event. Not having ever gone to one before, I had no idea what to expect. Previously I’ve been to conferences and workshops, but the idea of attending an event was new. As you can imagine, it was unique from anything else I had ever attended. There […]

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