Your Sales Mindset

Sales are a hot, uncomfortable topic for many entrepreneurs, especially when you’re work is personally meaningful. In fact it’s easier to promote someone else’s business than your own. That’s exactly why asking for the sale is uncomfortable.

Discussing payment feels especially difficult when you’re coming from a place of “not enough” and scarcity. Asking someone to invest in your services is quite often the most vulnerable part of the conversation.

feels especially difficult when you’re coming from a place of “not enough” and scarcity. Asking someone to invest in your services is quite often the most vulnerable part of the sales conversation.

Sales conversations let you evaluate a potential client.

The Money Part

Ever find yourself stumbling through the money part of the sales conversation? Well, your discomfort affects the outcome. Subconsciously, this influences her decision to work with you.

You second-guess yourself as your head fills with worries.

  • What if she says “no.”
  • Can she really afford my service?
  • Are my rates too high?
  • The competition can offer more.
  • I really need a new client.

Because of that, you fail to offer your largest package; although it’s the one that she needs most. Basically, you’re concerned that she can’t afford your fees.  So you offer a more economical solution.

By not offering the best option, you’re making a decision for her. It’s disempowering. This blocks her from getting the ideal solution. Plus, it reduces your earning potential.

How often have feelings of unworthiness impacted your sales conversations? You’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs I speak with also struggle in this area – even ones that appear to have it all together.

Why Asking for the Sale Seems Difficult

Asking for the sale

Asking for the sale seems so difficult.

Asking for the sale seems so difficult. Because of that you avoid discussing pricing, even though she needs that information to make a decision.

The reason it’s so scary is not the money or the value of the work you do, but your beliefs about your worth.

Those beliefs are often hidden away. That’s why you don’t easily recognize them. You realize that talking about the money part is uncomfortable, but you don’t know why. What you do know is that you get tongue-tied during this part of the conversation.

I know you’re doing something you love. And you don’t do this primarily for the money. That makes it feel transactional. However, your business requires money to operate and you deserve to be paid.

I know you’re doing something you love. However, your business requires money to operate and you deserve to be paid. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Two primary roadblocks makes asking for the sale difficult:

  1. Your stuff about money interferes with your desire to be well paid for your services.
  2. You don’t want to be judged as greedy.

These hidden beliefs prevent you from confidently discussing the money part. Now here’s the catch – potential clients want this information. They perceive you as a trusted adviser who can solve their problem. All you need to do is explain how it works. Logically, you know all this.

The Cost of Your Sales Fear

Avoiding the money part affects you and your potential client.

When you fail to discuss what you offer, then you’re not being fair to the other person. She believes you can solve her problem. However, when you end the conversation without sharing your services and your fees, her problem remains unsolved.

Your conversation made her even more aware of her situation. Because of that, she has no choice but to continue searching for a solution.

When she talks with the next person that can help, and that person comfortably asks for the sale, she readily says yes. Your conversation made that next conversation into an easy yes. You did all the work for another business owner to work with her.

Invest in Solutions

People get to a point where they don’t want to struggle with their problem any longer. There’s a cost to tolerating things for too long.

The time to be free of it has finally arrived. As a result, they’re ready to invest in the solution. It’s empowering to finally do something that’s been avoided for quite some time.

money part

Maintain a connection while discussing the money part.

Are you ready to confidently ask for the sale? Then add these 5 steps to your sales conversations.

  1. Trusted advisor. What you do isn’t the most important part. People work with you because of what you know. Connect with your value. Highlight what your clients gain from your service. Then dig a little deeper to make sure your list extends beyond the obvious benefits.
  2. Shift your focus. Asking for the sale is not about you – although it feels that way right now. View your service as an opportunity for a potential client to invest in herself. You service is the solution she’s been seeking.
  3. Be selective. Two things occur during sales conversations. They’re deciding whether you can help them. And you’re deciding whether, or not, you want this person as a client. Don’t invite them to work with you if it’s someone you don’t really want to work with. You’re not obligated to make an offer. Give yourself permission to cherry pick your clients.
  4. Less is more. Talking too much can kill a sale. Give enough information to make a decision. However, too many details leads to information overload. That’s when it’s easier for her to postpone getting started.
  5. Objections. Don’t let them take you by surprise. Be prepared. Know your most common objections. As a trusted advisor, ask great questions to understand the reason behind the objection. View this simply as a request for more information.

You can eliminate all of your worries about sales conversations by getting comfortable talking about your services and the money part.

Practice Asking for the Sale

Connect with your worth. Fully believe that your service makes a difference for your clients. Then practice discussing what it’s like to work with you and sharing your fees.

Practice out loud. Stand in front of a mirror. Speak into a recording device. Although discussing the money part is uncomfortable now, your comfort level improves over time.

You’re Worth It

There’s a reason you’re uncomfortable talking about your service and the money part. Do you know what you’re holding onto that’s getting in the way? What would be different if that no longer affected you?

You have to believe in yourself before you can expect anyone else to believe in you.

Shift your focus by emphasizing the difference you make for your clients. They highly value your expertise. Money is simply an exchange for your service.

Increase your self-worth to increase your net worth. As a sports psychologist turned business coach, I know your self-worth directly affects your income. It’s possible to shift from “not enough” to “more than enough.” If asking for the sale feels difficult, I encourage you to schedule a Private “Grow Your Ideal Business” Strategy Session.