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Getting stuck, avoiding mistakes and struggling with slow growth is frustrating when you’re on a mission to make an impact. As a therapist turned business coach, Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution.com, helps fix those things.Loren is an internationally recognized success expert and has developed a 5 step blueprint for entrepreneurs to go from mild success to wild success.She is author of The Success Solution – Break Through Limiting Beliefs for Business Success, an Amazon bestseller. Recognized as a high performance consultant by the LA Times, Loren helps motivate entrepreneurs to grow along with their business, consistently achieving milestones they previously only dreamed were possible.Loren frequently speaks to entrepreneurial and professional audiences with insights about how to take action and succeed by teaching reliable principles that lead to significant business growth.

5 Top Reasons to Choose a Niche Market

Stop Being the Best-Kept Secret

choose a niche market Do you feel spread too thin? Then choose a niche market.

Do your clients fully benefit from all your skills and knowledge? Research reveals that most entrepreneurs undervalue their expertise. Although it seems counter-intuitive, serving a select population significantly raises […]

How to Take Your Practice to the Next Level and Attract More Clients

No matter what position you have with your firm or business, everyone wears a biz dev hat – and you’ve got numbers to make and goals to meet. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, chances are you can brush up on how to better connect […]

Successfully Grow Your Small Business

Success leaves clues

Successfully Grow Your Small Business Weed out beliefs that interfere with your business success.

Success leaves clues. Well, challenges leave clues as well. And business challenges are often symptoms of something more significant. An underlying cause exists. Rise above those challenges […]

5 Juicy Tips for Couples in Business

5 Ways to Determine if Working Together is a Match

Couples in Business The success rate for couples in business together is higher than traditional businesses.

The success rate for couples in business together is higher than traditional businesses. A whopping 38 million people work from home in the […]

The Real Reason Entrepreneurs Avoid Asking for the Sale

Your Sales Mindset

Sales are a hot, uncomfortable topic for many entrepreneurs, especially when you’re work is personally meaningful. In fact it’s easier to promote someone else’s business than your own. That’s exactly why asking for the sale is uncomfortable.

Discussing payment feels especially difficult when you’re coming from a place […]

5 Steps to Finally Remove Your Fear of Sales

Fear of Sales Keeps Your Business From Growing

fear of sales Fear of sales affects your business growth.

Are you one of the entrepreneurs who don’t like to sell? Then you’re in good company. That’s because your clients don’t want to be sold. In fact, you probably […]

Discovery Consultations Increase Your Sales

Shift from Selling to Discovery Consultations

Discovery Consultations Discovery consultations are more effective than a traditional sales conversation.

Entrepreneurs often resist selling to clients. But, they need clients if they want to remain in business. Well, it’s time to stop selling. That’s because selling […]

Top Reasons to Stop Selling

Ditch the Pitch

stop selling If you decided to stop selling, what would you do instead?

Old school selling no longer works. If you’ve been spending your time and pitching your services, then you know how painful and time consuming it is. Or, even […]

Do You Avoid Sales Conversations?

Identify Your Sales Conversation Style

hunter or nurturer. Your personality favors one of these two styles —hunter or nurturer.

Let’s be honest. You enjoy working with your clients. But sales conversations aren’t fun. Well, your business depends on both. Do you know your preferred […]

Top Reasons You Want to be a Trusted Advisor

Become a Trusted Advisor to Your Clients

Trusted Advisor If you’re seeking loyal clients who value what you offer, then step up as a trusted advisor.

More and more entrepreneurs are changing the way they do business. They now offer services that touch their clients more often. With […]

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