What’s your superpower?

Each of my clients possess a superpower. No they’re not leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. They are making an impact by focusing on their strengths. Not only do they possess a business superpower, you possess one too.

School has taught us to excel at everything. You’re expected to receive A’s in all subjects. Not receiving a passing mark will label you as a failure. An education system that rewards generalized knowledge instead of specific talents is faulty.

Reveal your unique talents

We’re going to explore why talent tends to be undervalued. Let’s discover your superpower. You’ve always had one. Now it’s time to highlight your unique talents instead of minimizing your special gifts. Even if you don’t think you have any, you do. Hopefully this will help reveal yours.

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A lot of times we overlook our talents. Or maybe you do know your talents, but you play them down. So instead of letting them shine, they remain hidden. Allowing them to shine will start to separate you from others in your category. Consider whether standing out excites you or scares you.

Talents, especially your superpower, are undervalued for a variety of reasons.

  • Avoidance. We avoid educating our referral sources and our clients about what they are.
  • Natural. It’s something that is natural for you.
  • Effortless. You can do this thing with minimal effort.
  • Easy. A lot of times those things that are your talents, your superpower, are easy to accomplish.
What's your business superpower? photo credit: Spidey! via photopin (license)

What’s your superpower?
photo credit: Spidey! via photopin (license)

Why your superpower is underrated

Since your superpower is easy, it’s minimized. If something is easy and you’re not putting that much effort into it, how could it have value? That’s the beauty of a business superpower. Because you can do it so easily, you’re so good it and you can tune into it so quickly, your superpower actually has greater value instead of less value. It’s counter-intuitive.

We’ve been taught not to brag about ourselves. The common message is to avoid bringing attention to ourselves. You’re scolded when you let your head get too big. I agree with all those things. Spending time with a self centered individual is not enjoyable for anyone but that person.

Bragging is boring

Consider this alternative viewpoint. Instead of bragging about what makes you special discover how to educate others. Last week I was talking with a client about her unique talents. Similar to many solopreneurs, she didn’t want to brag about how awesome she was during networking meetings. That was uncomfortable for her. So she avoided networking.

She was absolutely right. A room full of professionals would not want to hear her brag. That’s boring. This woman, however, enjoyed teaching. The solution was for her to educate during network meetings instead of brag. I shared two ways she could educate in 30 seconds. Either share a client story or teach something about her profession that would have value for the people in the room.

Educate and mesmerize

Now what about you? Explore ways to educate your referral sources, potential clients and current clients about outcomes your clients achieved. Weave in a story about how you help them achieve a specific result. Explain how it is connected to your superpower.

These questions will identify ways to describe your business superpower.

  • What is your unique approach?
  • How can you describe your unique talent?
  • How does your business superpower make a difference?
  • How will your talent add value?

Easy is a clue

If it’s easy it can’t be special, right? You state, “well, if I can do it that easily then everybody can do it that easily, too.” So you convince yourself about how your talent is common and everybody can perform the same exact skill with little effort.

If something is easy and you're not putting that much effort into it, how could it have value? Because you can do it so easily, you're so good it and you can tune into it so quickly, your superpower actually has greater value instead… Click To Tweet

That is absolutely not true. An example is one of my clients, Casey, who’s been in sales the majority of her career. She is a natural at selling. And yes, sales comes easily to her.

You can do this all day long

Casey‘s a natural connector. She deeply cares about people. Her interest in other people is combined with a genuine desire to help. Listening and learning are core values. When you have a conversation with Casey, you can tell that she‘s engaged and paying attention.

Casey wants to help you in whatever way she possibly can. People can see that quality within her. These qualities allow her to sell all day and every day.

Casey, however, doesn’t view herself as a salesperson. As a natural connector, people trust her. They recognize her integrity. They actually want to buy from her because she establishes rapport, quickly develops trust and possesses credibility.

You're superpower is easy for you. photo credit: Wonder Woman via photopin (license)

You’re superpower is easy for you.
photo credit: Wonder Woman via photopin (license)

You’re a natural

Now think about you. What is it that’s connected to your talents and your gifts? Notice what comes easily and natural for you.

Instead of burying it deep down, let’s see what we can do to bring it to the surface. Allow your talent to shine. Then people can get why you do what you do and why you’re the one that’s uniquely qualified to help them.

Discover your business superpower. Your superpower is easy. It is fun. You fully enjoy doing it. It’s one of those things that you can do all day and every day.

3 business superpower qualities:

  1. Strength. This is one of your strong points. It’s easy to do.
  2. Focus. You can lose your sense of time because you’re absorbed in the activity.
  3. Passion. Doing this activity is enjoyable and fun.

Experience the time shift

When you’re connected with what your gifts are, your superpower, and you’re really working in that place, then you lose your sense of time. Time either speeds up. You wonder where the day went. Or time slows down. You feel you have more than enough time available to do exactly what you need to do. You’re not rushed. You have all the time in the world.

You’re immersed in the activity that’s connected to your superpower. Performing an activity that is connected to your natural gifts boosts your energy instead of draining your energy. By the end of the day you find that you have more energy than you did when you first started out. Notice when things are easy, your highly focused and having fun, because you’re probably utilizing your superpower.

Unleash your superpower

Tap into your unique talents. Your business superpower is your ticket to success. Use it for good. It is the thing that is going to separate you from the competition. Unleash your superpower.

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