6 Proven Steps to Choosing a Profitable Niche

Your Profitable Niche

profitable niche Choose a profitable niche that will make you money.

All niches are not created equal. So how do you choose the best niche? Consider whether the work you highly enjoy doing serves that specific population. Plus, it needs to make you money. Otherwise, you’re […]

Solid Niche Market Strategy Tips

Develop Your Niche Market Strategy

niche market strategy A niche market strategy outlines your game plan.

I firmly believe that people need the service you offer. Choosing to focus on a specific population seems constrictive, like it narrows your choice. Experience has taught me […]

Successfully Grow Your Small Business

Success leaves clues

Successfully Grow Your Small Business Weed out beliefs that interfere with your business success.

Success leaves clues. Well, challenges leave clues as well. And business challenges are often symptoms of something more significant. An underlying cause exists. Rise above those challenges […]

5 Juicy Tips for Couples in Business

5 Ways to Determine if Working Together is a Match

Couples in Business The success rate for couples in business together is higher than traditional businesses.

The success rate for couples in business together is higher than traditional businesses. A whopping 38 million people work from home in the […]

Do You Experience Business Envy?

The Business Envy Trap

Business Envy Business envy takes your eyes off of your business.

Do you ever suffer from business envy? That’s where you compare yourself to other businesses. During those moments you’re taking your eyes off your business.

Small business owners easily fall into the trap of […]

It’s Easy to Undervalue Your Expertise

Get Better Clients When You Stop Selling

Undervalue Your Expertise You lose money when you base your service on hourly billing and you undervalue your expertise.

If you are billing by the hour or charging by the session, then you’re using an outdated model. […]

Is Your Business Growing Too Quickly?

Don’t Measure Your Business Success by Growth Alone

As an entrepreneur, you put a lot of effort into your business growing. It’s rewarding to know that people value your services. This validates that your service fills a need.

More clients and more money are signs of success. Actually, most entrepreneurs place higher […]

Solution to Working Remotely

The Freedom of Working Remotely

Working remotely offers a variety of advantages. No more rush hour commute. Plus, the traditional 9 to 5 is optional.

  • You can work with clients around the globe.
  • Co-workers can’t spontaneously interrupt you.
  • You can flex your schedule according to your work and life flow.
  • Lower […]

Are You Ready to Succeed?

Prepare for Success

ready to succeed If you’re ready to succeed, then realize your thinking impacts your business.

I talk to a lot of people. Some people, I’ve noticed, think there’s not enough. While others believe there’s more than enough…of everything. You either lean toward a scarcity mindset […]

Are You Wisely Choosing Your Inner Circle?

Who’s Got Your Back?

Choosing your inner circle Choosing your inner circle is a strategic move that grows your business.

As an entrepreneur, you’re used to doing things your way. Sometimes, however, the top seems like a lonely place. That’s because everyone turns to you with their questions. But […]

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