Are You Ready to Lighten Your Workload?

Lighten Your Workload

lighten your workload Are you ready to lighten your workload?

The exceptional few build a business from an innovative idea. Are you one of them? Like many entrepreneurs, you’re fiercely independent. That’s a necessary quality when first starting out. Holding […]

The Open Loop Trap is Costly

How An Open Loop Holds You Back

open loop An open loop causes you to feel like you’re up against a wall which you can’t scale.

Are you dealing with an open loop? Maybe it’s unfinished business, postponed decisions or waiting for an answer. Your business becomes sluggish when the […]

Stop Working Too Much!

Stop Being Good at Doing Something Wrong

Working too much Working too much leads to exhaustion and burnout.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to work yourself into exhaustion. That happened with my former business. I sacrificed time with my family, because I didn’t believe I had a choice. […]

Secrets to Create a Profitable Strategic Plan

Inspire Yourself, Inspire Your Team

strategic plan An inspiring strategic plan is better suited for entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs fail to develop a business plan. Basically, they’re dull, boring and stagnant. You started your business because you desire something more. That’s why I encourage you to ditch the business plan. […]

5 Reasons Goal Setting Does Not Work for Entrepreneurs

For many entrepreneurs goals fail to deliver results For many entrepreneurs goals fail to deliver results

The truth about goals

From a very young age we’ve been trained to set goals. They are touted as the cornerstone to success. Well, if they’re so powerful, then how come so many […]

Ashland Oregon Business Coaching: 3 Unusual Tips for Small Business Owners

3 Unusual Tips for Small Business Owners

Ashland Oregon business coaching Ashland Oregon business coaching shows entrepreneurs how to resolve business growth challenges.

Some people mistakenly believe that a small business owner’s life is easier. But often, we encounter the same issues as those of a big business. Customer […]

Design Your 10x Growth Strategy

A Growing Strategy Equals a Growing Business

10X growth strategy A 10X growth strategy leaps your business to the next level.

The “10x” concept originated in the internet technology (IT) world to describe engineers who are 10 times (10x) as productive as the worst engineer in a company. Professionals […]

Small Business Goals that Reduce Overwhelm

The Gap Between Now and Your Success

small business goals These small business goals are counter-intuitive.

The next year is just around the corner. Do you have clarity about what you want to achieve in the coming year? Have you considered your small business goals?

Success occurs […]

How To Grow Your Business Faster

Get Better Results Without Working More

grow your business faster Grow your business faster by focusing on the essential few.

Did you know an economist can contribute to your success? It’s true. And it’s nothing new. Check out how to grow your business faster once you apply […]

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