Small Business Strategy to Resolve Obstacles

Overcome the One Thing That’s Stopping You

All of us possess an X factor. This is something that influences your success. However, you probably dismissed it because it’s a hidden trait. Here’s the good news. You can overcome your X factor, develop an effective small business strategy and raise the bar for what aim to achieve.

I’ll […]

5 Keys to Small Business Success

Get comfortable with your numbers?

How do you measure what’s working? Do you focus on specific numbers, client referrals or something else? Each of those things do matter. What’s equally important for small business success, if not more so, is […]

5 Crucial Recommendations for a Business to Be Successful

Recommendations for your business to succeed

This post has recommendations for a business to be successful, and that you might overlook. If you’re highly passionate about what you do, and enjoy every aspect of your business, then this applies to you.

Your business is your passion. I get that.

There’s something special about growing […]

Need to Attract New Clients? Get Specific.

Attract New Clients Without the Struggle

Attract new clients with targeted marketingIf you’re struggling to attract new clients, you’ll need to make a few tweaks to your marketing. This might feel uncomfortable at first, but will pay big dividends in […]

Common Business Success Obstacles

Business Success and Growth Business success is a growth process.


Your business success

I often hear people say “everything happens for a reason.” Whether you’re perspective is spiritual, metaphysical or scientific, this is true. What do I mean? Well, everything we do is either to experience, or to avoid, specific […]

How to Manage Decision-Making When Working with Your Spouse

Working with your spouse

If you’re working with your spouse, then you know that one of the biggest sources of tension can be the decision-making process. When working with your spouse, you don’t always think through every detail of how you’ll handle things, which can be a big problem when […]

Medford Oregon Business Coaching and Staying Calm Under Pressure

No excuse for bad behavior

Just because an entrepreneur is business savvy doesn’t guarantee that she’ll be well respected. Respects builds as she deals with business challenges without allowing emotions to get the best of her. Staying calm under pressure is an asset. No reasonable excuse exists for entrepreneurs who behave poorly. […]

Five Business Success Nuggets

Business success tips

Each day offers an opportunity to learn something new. Valuable lessons come from all sources including clients, mentors, children and strangers. So what specific insights have contributed to your business success?

Highly successful entrepreneurs shun complacency. That’s because there’s always another business owner who’s interested in claiming your market […]

Avoiding Mistakes is Costly

Find your “can do” attitude

Commitment is the very thing which separates the rising stars from the average business owners. Yes, unforeseen circumstances will arise and attempt to affect your progress. Growth minded entrepreneurs, however, see challenges where others see obstacles. Commitment causes something to switch within you. Of course, avoiding mistakes is impossible. A “can do” […]

The Journey to Uplevel Your Business

Uplevel your business

How you do anything is how you do everything. Rowing changed my life, personally and professionally. Patterns in your life will influence your decision to uplevel your business.

Initially I was a fair weather rower. The thought of rowing on the lake during the winter was unappealing.

After two years […]

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