Remove Your Marketing Blocks

Marketing blocks

My first business coach said, “You are going to learn to love marketing.” I just chuckled. She had no idea what I thought about marketing or networking events. My marketing blocks were firmly embedded.

For 12 years Steve, my husband, attended all the networking events to promote our counseling agency. Steve was more charismatic and […]

Setting Boundaries Says “I Love Me”

Saying “no” may feel uncomfortable for you. Agreeing to everything that’s asked of you causes burnout, resentment and cynical thoughts. Saying “yes” when you really mean “no” affects your integrity.  Setting boundaries says “I love me”.

The boundaries you set, whether in your business or your personal life, boost your confidence. Clear boundaries send the message […]

Ordinary Entrepreneurs Do Extraordinary Things

Ordinary entrepreneurs do extraordinary things

Ordinary entrepreneurs do extraordinary things. Every day there is someone just like you and me who is making stuff happen. These are the entrepreneurs who get noticed and rise to the top. […]

5 Strategic Moves to Grow Your Business

Grow your business

The movie Mission: Impossible comes to mind when I consider the unexpected ways to grow your business. First, you receive vague instructions about the mission. Then before you can hit replay, the message self destructs. You watch it sizzle into thin air, hoping you committed all the critical details to memory.

An opportunity […]

5 Steps to Define Success on Your Terms

Define success on your terms

What is success? Too many entrepreneurs fail to prepare for their future. That’s like putting your destiny into someone else’s hands. Definition and clarity are highly important elements for your success. Imagine possessing a focused, single-minded intention about your success. How would you define success on your terms?

Connect your destiny […]

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