Rules to Pursue Your Desire to Succeed

Desire to succeed

your desire to succeed Clearly define what’s underlying your desire to succeed.

98% of small businesses never reach their goals. That’s because they failed to clearly define what they want to achieve. So if you knew success was possible, then what’s […]

Do People Only Want Your Free Information?

When Helping Is Not Good Business

Free Information Your business is designed to help people so you naturally offer free information.

Your business is designed to help people so you naturally offer free information. You give away ideas, suggestions or opportunities. But, do you ever wonder if you’re […]

Significantly Improve Your Business Intuition

Light Up Your Business

improve your business intuition Ever wonder how to improve your business intuition?

An out of the ordinary thought that appears in a flash can improve your business. A spark of intuition, a mental prompt, may be just what you need to create a leap […]

Are You Ready to Succeed?

Prepare for Success

ready to succeed If you’re ready to succeed, then realize your thinking impacts your business.

I talk to a lot of people. Some people, I’ve noticed, think there’s not enough. While others believe there’s more than enough…of everything. You either lean toward a scarcity mindset […]

Five Business Success Nuggets

Business success tips

Each day offers an opportunity to learn something new. Valuable lessons come from all sources including clients, mentors, children and strangers. So what specific insights have contributed to your business success?

Highly successful entrepreneurs shun complacency. That’s because there’s always another business owner who’s interested in claiming your market […]

Setting Boundaries Says “I Love Me”

Saying “no” may feel uncomfortable for you. Agreeing to everything that’s asked of you causes burnout, resentment and cynical thoughts. Saying “yes” when you really mean “no” affects your integrity.  Setting boundaries says “I love me”.

The boundaries you set, whether in your business or your personal life, boost your confidence. Clear boundaries send the message […]

You Can Make it Happen

You can make it happen

When was the last time you wanted something so badly you were willing to do anything? Intuitively you knew this was the right thing to do. You might not have known how it was going to happen, but you were so focused on your goal you had faith […]

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