How to Take Your Practice to the Next Level and Attract More Clients

No matter what position you have with your firm or business, everyone wears a biz dev hat – and you’ve got numbers to make and goals to meet. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, chances are you can brush up on how to better connect […]

Top Reasons to Stop Selling

Ditch the Pitch

stop selling If you decided to stop selling, what would you do instead?

Old school selling no longer works. If you’ve been spending your time and pitching your services, then you know how painful and time consuming it is. Or, even […]

It’s Easy to Undervalue Your Expertise

Get Better Clients When You Stop Selling

Undervalue Your Expertise You lose money when you base your service on hourly billing and you undervalue your expertise.

If you are billing by the hour or charging by the session, then you’re using an outdated model. […]

Networking Up to Expand Your Reach

Meet the Right People

Diversify your network Diversify your network to expand your reach.

Networking, when done right, will grow your business. But I’ve encountered many entrepreneurs at networking events that don’t really understand its function. Pressing your business card into someone’s hand, especially when they didn’t ask for […]

The Best Sales Technique You Need

Forget the gimmicks

Best Sales Technique There’s a reason the best sales technique doesn’t work.

The best sales technique in the world isn’t enough to win more clients. Clients can tell who is only looking for a sale and who actually wants to solve […]

5 Keys to Small Business Success

Get comfortable with your numbers?

How do you measure what’s working? Do you focus on specific numbers, client referrals or something else? Each of those things do matter. What’s equally important for small business success, if not more so, is […]

5 Crucial Recommendations for a Business to Be Successful

Recommendations for your business to succeed

This post has recommendations for a business to be successful, and that you might overlook. If you’re highly passionate about what you do, and enjoy every aspect of your business, then this applies to you.

Your business is your passion. I get that.

There’s something special about growing […]

Your Client Attraction Plan

Client attraction steps

You need a Client Attraction plan. Isn’t that true in every aspect of your life? Real change and improvement only happens when you’ve got a plan. In this client attraction blog series, we’ve talked about everything you should be doing in order to attract your ideal client, and now you might be feeling […]

Strategy to Elevate Your Client Attraction Mindset

5 Steps to a Better Client Attraction Mindset

Client attraction mindset Take the necessary steps to strengthen your client attraction mindset.

In previous blogs we talked about personas, messaging, and strategies that will attract […]

Creating a Juicy Client Attraction Strategy

An Effective Client Attraction Strategy

Your client attraction strategy An effective client attraction strategy appeals to your potential clients.

Ever get the feeling that you’re spinning your wheels and never getting any traction? Unfortunately, when you’re constantly running after clients, you can start to […]

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