Getting it Right – Client Attraction Messaging That Works

Client attraction messaging works

client attraction messaging strategy What is your client attraction marketing strategy?

Congratulations, you’re ready to attract some fantastic clients to your business. Now what? You clearly understand the benefits of your business. Educating others can be tricky. Saying exactly what you mean can be difficult. Instead of […]

Need to Attract New Clients? Get Specific.

Attract New Clients Without the Struggle

Attract new clients with targeted marketingIf you’re struggling to attract new clients, you’ll need to make a few tweaks to your marketing. This might feel uncomfortable at first, but will pay big dividends in […]

Five Business Success Nuggets

Business success tips

Each day offers an opportunity to learn something new. Valuable lessons come from all sources including clients, mentors, children and strangers. So what specific insights have contributed to your business success?

Highly successful entrepreneurs shun complacency. That’s because there’s always another business owner who’s interested in claiming your market […]

Navigating Transparency on Social Media

Transparency on social media varies with each platform.

Social media privacy

Privacy means different things to different people. Social networking’s foundation encourages sharing and connection. Transparency on social media isn’t something entrepreneurs easily dive into.

First of all, your questions […]

Highly Unusual Business Growth Solutions

Business growth challenges

Are the challenges of growing your business wearing your down? Maybe you went from a flood of new clients to a trickle. It’s confusing when you’re doing everything that is supposed to increase business, but get less than ideal results. Entrepreneurs sometimes become the bottleneck that stops business […]

Remove Your Marketing Blocks

Marketing blocks

My first business coach said, “You are going to learn to love marketing.” I just chuckled. She had no idea what I thought about marketing or networking events. My marketing blocks were firmly embedded.

For 12 years Steve, my husband, attended all the networking events to promote our counseling agency. Steve was more charismatic and […]

Setting Boundaries Says “I Love Me”

Saying “no” may feel uncomfortable for you. Agreeing to everything that’s asked of you causes burnout, resentment and cynical thoughts. Saying “yes” when you really mean “no” affects your integrity.  Setting boundaries says “I love me”.

The boundaries you set, whether in your business or your personal life, boost your confidence. Clear boundaries send the message […]

Transparency: Are You Sharing Enough?

Transparency norms

Transparency. Thanks to social networking the filters for personal sharing have been recalibrated. Posts range from rants to raves. What was once considered risque is now the social norm. […]

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