Confidently Charge What You’re Worth

Are you set to charge what you’re worth?

Do you ever wonder how the average pricing for your industry was set? Pricing your professional services is a sensitive topic. Your fees reflect your relationship with money. What would it take for you to charge what you’re worth?

Charging too little shows […]

Money Blocks Affect Your Prosperity

Money blocks affect your prosperity

Have you ever cringed putting a price tag on your unique abilities and genius? Have you ever shrunk back in negotiations and settled for less than you are worth? Ever wonder how money blocks affect your prosperity?

Most entrepreneurs struggle with under-earning and are uncertain about how […]

Stop Competing on Price

Stop competing on price

Pricing your services is an art. It’s one of the toughest challenges entrepreneurs face. Consistently underselling your services and giving away work for free affects cash flow. Consider the potential income you’re losing because you don’t know how to price your services. The good news is that […]

5 Hot Tips to Get Paid What You’re Worth

Ready to get paid what you’re worth?

Not all entrepreneurs are created equal. You’re through working for someone else. Now what? Your first step is to establish your ideal practice. Over time, however, you may realize you’re undercharging. So how do you get paid what you’re worth?

Nancy, a copywriter, was nervous as she announced her […]

Why Your Pricing Strategy Isn’t Working

Is your pricing strategy working?

Who knows why something finally clicks? Timing, experience, messaging – all combine for the “aha” moment. The moment you “get it” is a beautiful experience. Pricing strategy was one of those illuminating experiences.

How does your worth affect your pricing? The pricing strategy for most service professionals is based upon […]

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