The Ultimate Sales Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs

Sales Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs

sales strategy for women entrepreneursWomen and men do things differently. That’s why women need to break away from the traditional business model. This is especially true regarding a sales strategy for women entrepreneurs when you don’t like the sales part.

First of all, […]

Substantially Increase Your Profits by Raising Prices

raising prices

Increase Your Profits

Every entrepreneur, whether large or small, wants to increase their profits. Some choose to improve their marketing efforts; others specialize their services. Raising prices improves profits, but feels difficult.

When you don’t fully grasp […]

Don’t Lose Business Due to Lack of Follow Up

Lack of Follow UpLack of Follow Up Syndrome

Do you want to drastically increase your sales? But, you wonder what to do. Lack of follow up costs entrepreneurs tens of thousands of dollars in lost income.

Which of these apply to you?

  1. Someone first expresses interest in your service, but […]

School Got it Wrong: Ditch the Employee Mindset

Entrepreneurial mindsetTraditional education teaches conformity. During class you’re instructed to obey the rules, do what you’re told and walk down the hall in a straight line. Challenging the rules is frowned upon. Memorizing for the test, only to forget it later, is […]

The Real Reason Entrepreneurs Avoid Asking for the Sale

Your Sales Mindset

Sales are a hot, uncomfortable topic for many entrepreneurs, especially when you’re work is personally meaningful. In fact it’s easier to promote someone else’s business than your own. That’s exactly why asking for the sale is uncomfortable.

Discussing payment feels especially difficult when you’re coming from a place […]

5 Steps to Finally Remove Your Fear of Sales

Fear of Sales Keeps Your Business From Growing

fear of sales Fear of sales affects your business growth.

Are you one of the entrepreneurs who don’t like to sell? Then you’re in good company. That’s because your clients don’t want to be sold. In fact, you probably […]

Discovery Consultations Increase Your Sales

Shift from Selling to Discovery Consultations

Discovery Consultations Discovery consultations are more effective than a traditional sales conversation.

Entrepreneurs often resist selling to clients. But, they need clients if they want to remain in business. Well, it’s time to stop selling. That’s because selling […]

Top Reasons to Stop Selling

Ditch the Pitch

stop selling If you decided to stop selling, what would you do instead?

Old school selling no longer works. If you’ve been spending your time and pitching your services, then you know how painful and time consuming it is. Or, even […]

Do You Avoid Sales Conversations?

Identify Your Sales Conversation Style

hunter or nurturer. Your personality favors one of these two styles —hunter or nurturer.

Let’s be honest. You enjoy working with your clients. But sales conversations aren’t fun. Well, your business depends on both. Do you know your preferred […]

Do People Only Want Your Free Information?

When Helping Is Not Good Business

Free Information Your business is designed to help people so you naturally offer free information.

Your business is designed to help people so you naturally offer free information. You give away ideas, suggestions or opportunities. But, do you ever wonder if you’re […]

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