Do People Only Want Your Free Information?

When Helping Is Not Good Business

Free Information Your business is designed to help people so you naturally offer free information.

Your business is designed to help people so you naturally offer free information. You give away ideas, suggestions or opportunities. But, do you ever wonder if you’re […]

It’s Easy to Undervalue Your Expertise

Get Better Clients When You Stop Selling

Undervalue Your Expertise You lose money when you base your service on hourly billing and you undervalue your expertise.

If you are billing by the hour or charging by the session, then you’re using an outdated model. […]

Networking Up to Expand Your Reach

Meet the Right People

Diversify your network Diversify your network to expand your reach.

Networking, when done right, will grow your business. But I’ve encountered many entrepreneurs at networking events that don’t really understand its function. Pressing your business card into someone’s hand, especially when they didn’t ask for […]

These Common Sales Mistakes Ruin Your Deals

Avoid these common sales mistakes

new ideas to life Entrepreneurs enjoy bringing new ideas to life.

Regardless of the kind of work you do, selling challenges the comfort zone of most entrepreneurs. Although some entrepreneurs make it look easy, don’t be fooled. […]

Gimmicky Sales Closing Techniques are Costly

Sales closing techniques don’t work

Entrepreneurs who are unable to close a deal handle the sales conversation in the wrong way. Most business owners never received sales training, so they make mistakes that they aren’t even aware of. For example, highlighting your services and capabilities too soon will backfire. […]

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