Your Strategic Plan Defines Your Destiny

The Strategic Plan

If you don’t define your destiny, then you’ll aimlessly wander. A clear vision influences everything you do.  It’s like the beacon sitting on the top of a lighthouse.

Recently, Steve and I decided that we wanted more clarity about our destiny. So, we scheduled time to develop our strategic plan. Our phones, text […]

She’s the Boss: Retire Your Husband from His 9 to 5

The Sacrifice We Made

Early in our marriage I stayed home to raise our children. Steve’s 90-minute commute meant timing his drive to avoid rush hour traffic. Because of that, he was out of the house early and home late. Of course, this took a toll on all of us.

Although I never planned to be a […]

Hiring Your Husband – Adds Love to Your Business

Women’s Secret to Success

hiring your husband Are you among the 62% of women entrepreneurs whose primary source of income is your business? Since flexibility is important, many start out as virtual or home-based businesses. That’s because the other roles in our lives matter as much, […]

5 Juicy Tips for Couples in Business

5 Ways to Determine if Working Together is a Match

Couples in Business The success rate for couples in business together is higher than traditional businesses.

The success rate for couples in business together is higher than traditional businesses. A whopping 38 million people work from home in the […]

The Challenge of Being in Business with Your Spouse

The Business Couple Conundrum

Being in business with your spouse Being in business with your spouse has pros and cons.

It doesn’t take long for a couple working together in business to discover the pros and cons. Every couple has their own dynamic in the triangular relationship between each […]

Rules to Run a Business with Your Spouse

When Your Home is Your Business

Business with Your Spouse Discover the secrets of happily working in business with your spouse.

Creating a home based business seems like an ideal opportunity for a couple. Shared goals, shared space, and shared resources. This profitable model generates over $427 […]

Running a Business with Your Spouse and Remaining Happily Married

Save Your Marriage, Save Your Business

Full commitment to your partnership Full commitment to your partnership, in and out of work, leads to long lasting success.

Professional success works on the same principles as personal success. To thrive and prosper together, you need a set of guidelines to make […]

Husband and Wife Business Owners: What Makes a Power Couple?

You can be a successful power couple

When you think about power couples, what comes to mind? Many people automatically think about famous entertainers or politicians, but being a power couple is so much more than being rich and famous. Here’s the basic definition of a power couple: two people who have extremely successful careers. That’s […]

Couples in Business Together – How to Handle Difficult Conversations

How couples in business together work through difficult things

Unfortunately for all of us, there are a lot of situations that call for difficult conversations. Maybe someone is overspending, or a project has been stalled. Whatever the reason, couples in business together need to work through their differences. Eventually, someone is going to have to initiate […]

Working with Your Spouse to Resolve Money Differences

Money causes tension for couples who are in business together

working with your spouse Working with your spouse is challenging, especially when couples have different spending habits.

Working with your spouse is challenging, and when couples have different spending habits, it seems downright impossible. Money issues are a leading […]

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