Client attraction messaging works

client attraction messaging strategy

What is your client attraction marketing strategy?

Congratulations, you’re ready to attract some fantastic clients to your business. Now what? You clearly understand the benefits of your business. Educating others can be tricky. Saying exactly what you mean can be difficult. Instead of winging it, create a client attraction messaging formula. Not only do potential clients need to know what you do, they need to know why it benefits them.

We’ve talked about it in other posts, but we’ll say it again, you need to understand who your target market is. Do everything you can to create accurate personas, also known as avatars, and gear your messaging toward them. You want to avoid any situation where the messaging doesn’t match the market. When that happens, the people you’re reaching won’t see the value of what you do or feel the need to do business with you.

Are you confused about where to start with avatars? Then check out our post on attracting new clients where there’s more tips about that! Now that you know your target audience, let’s attract those people with your messaging.

Benefits vs. Features

Benefits and features are the same, right? Not so fast, they’re actually very different; however, the differences are subtle. A feature is a static point about your product or service – something like “24-hour customer service” or “three hours of consulting included.”

A benefit details how the features will improve the client’s life. This will answer questions like “why does 24-hour customer service matter” and “how will three consulting hours benefit me?” With client attraction messaging, your primary focus will always be on benefits, letting your customer know exactly how your product will make their job easier.

Here’s a quick example – “We offer three hours of consulting with our basic package (feature), this means that we’ll get you up and running more quickly and efficiently than the competition (benefit).” Be sure to tailor the features and benefits statement to meet the needs of your specific target audience. Tie a specific benefit to a feature of your product for best results.

The Features and Benefits Format

A features and benefits statement on your website or marketing materials doesn’t have to be in paragraph format, you can easily make a features and benefits chart on your website that outlines this information in a more visual way. Just be sure the benefit is always crystal clear.

A great way to make sure your audience understands how your product is going to help them is to list out your five primary benefits. These are the big things you know add value and quickly make an impact. This provides your potential clients with the “nutshell” version of what your product does and why they need it.

Once you’ve listed your five primary benefits, then list out three secondary benefits the client will receive as a result of using your service or product. Start to get more in-depth with important benefits. Keep in mind that the more concise, the better. First hook your potential clients with your features and benefits section. Then they’ll want to browse the rest of your site for more information.

The Art and Science of Client Attraction

Art and science of client attraction messaging

Client attraction messaging combines art and science.

You can probably see by now that client attraction messaging is a good balance of art and science. Yes, you need to identify your key avatar. And yes, you need to list out a certain number of features and benefits. BUT, the way you write those benefits makes a difference. Client attraction messaging must possess a certain appeal that helps to draw those clients in.

Maybe this all sounds intimidating to you, but don’t let it be. A big part of finding what works is trial and error and feedback. Use simple tools, such as Google Analytics. These let you easily see which pages resonate with your potential clients and which ones lose them.

Use data to influence your client attraction messaging. Then adjust as necessary. You’ll quickly find the right client attraction formula in your business. Think of your website and other marketing materials as living, breathing things. You’ll always be fine tuning them to improve its effectiveness. And that’s okay!

Getting Started with Client Attraction Messaging

As with most things, getting started with client attraction is the hardest part. That hill you’re about to climb always looks the biggest from the bottom, so get started! Once you start attracting clients, you’ll easily see patterns and trends that will help you make the right adjustments. You may need a little help identifying these things along the way, but that’s why we’re here.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if something you’re doing isn’t working, and never be afraid to try something new. Remember, with a clear audience, clear messaging and a “this is how we are going to help you” attitude, you’ve already fought half the battle. Client attraction messaging helps you rise above the rest.