Define success on your terms

What is success? Too many entrepreneurs fail to prepare for their future. That’s like putting your destiny into someone else’s hands. Definition and clarity are highly important elements for your success. Imagine possessing a focused, single-minded intention about your success. How would you define success on your terms?

Connect your destiny to your chief aim, your purpose, to help define your meaning of success. My client, Stacy, transitioned from public education to her own multi six figure company. Her mission was to make a difference for her clients; helping spiritually centered coaches develop a thriving practice. What’s impressive is that she accomplished this in less than 5 years.

How to measure success

How do you measure success?” she wondered. Her vision became her resource. From that she defined three specific and highly personal components.

  1. Building a lifestyle business
  2. Supporting her family, financially and emotionally.
  3. Generously giving back to the community, primarily by tithing to inspiration instead of need.

Stacy’s definition of success was personally meaningful. She was determined to step away from the struggle to make ends meet.  We discussed how lack of preparation, skills and vision would deeply impact her results. She knew it would require hard work and she was prepared to stick it out. Stacey witnessed other entrepreneurs quit too soon. Defining success on her terms caused her to step up. No matter what, she wouldn’t end up wondering “what if?”

Design your date with destiny

Don’t wait another moment. Schedule time in your calendar. Use it to define success on your terms instead of someone else’s. Imagine how your life would change. Your clearly defined purpose is the first step.

Approach this as if you are building a house. Draft a blueprint outlining your ideal business. Building with a plan reduces chaos, creates direction and minimizes costly distractions. You’ll enjoy predictable, not haphazard, results.

Create your success blueprint:

  • Craft your vision. Take charge of your destiny with this step.
  • Challenges. Describe the milestones you’ll achieve. These are your stepping stones.
  • Classes, training and resources. Identify the gaps now so your business is solid.
  • Client attraction strategy. Decide how potential clients will discover you.
  • Collaborate with your dream team. Figure out who else will support your efforts.

Let’s return to the building model. Without order workers get in each other’s way. Materials and resources end up scattered. The builder’s vision of the finished house differs from the home owners, resulting in frustration. Ineffective use of time and effort leads to money leaks, impacting the bottom line.

How to measure success

How would you define success on your terms?

How would you define success on your terms?

Why would you approach your business any differently? Take charge of your business. Develop a business blueprint which maps out all the details. This is where you step up as the general contractor so you can predictably measure success. Your team wants you to define success for them. Identify the specialists, coaches, support staff and family who add their expertise.

Napoleon Hill, from The Law of Success, states, “If success depends upon power, and if power is organized effort, and if the first step in the direction of organization is a definite purpose, then one may easily see why such a purpose is essential.”

Discover the hidden benefits

Defining success on your terms is your competitive advantage. Describing your vision and then creating your ideal success blueprint gets your team on the same page as you.

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Discover these underlying, hidden benefits to a well crafted vision.

  • Clarity, focus and direction.
  • Confidence gained as you achieve each milestone.
  • Maintain your course because you eliminated your fears.
  • Advance your business with decisive actions.
  • Develop supportive partnerships and alliances.

Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. This means you don’t have to do it all yourself. There are people who believe in your vision. Surround yourself with people who are ready to lift you up, even during your doubtful moments. So when you realize you’re veering away from your blueprint, it’ll be easier to course correct and re-align with your purpose.

Choose your dream team

The right team will help you overcome all limitations. Team up with people who buy into your vision and possess the solution to your challenges. Carefully consider who you want on your dream team, then act with conviction. Ask yourself, “what is success for you?” Then define success on your terms to strategically tip the odds in your favor.

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