Being a Fiercely Independent Entrepreneur Stunts Your Business

fiercely independent entrepreneur

There’s a downside to being a fiercely independent entrepreneur.

You’re an entrepreneur. You chose to be independent of the corporate world. No cubicle for you. No time clock. You’re a fiercely independent entrepreneur and you don’t need anyone.

Whether you choose to own the role, or not, you are a leader. Sometimes it gets a little lonely at the top.

More often than not your control freak gets the better of you. People let you down. They fail to meet your standards of excellence or follow through as quickly as you’d like. Frequently, doing the job yourself seems easier than teaching someone on your team.

Small business owners need to choose their team wisely. Don’t settle for a new hire when there are red flags or you feel something is “off” about that person. That decision will cost you time, frustration and money in the long run. Instead, you want to surround yourself with people who buy into your culture and share your mission.

The Island of Independence

Maybe this ideal scenario enticed you to start your business. You believed there was a better way to do things. You were prepared to tackle the challenges that came with business ownership.

Because of your self-reliance, you follow through with your commitments. You’re dedicated to work tirelessly and clean up the mess when things don’t go as planned.

Saying “yes” to anything that comes your way keeps you doing everything. Click To Tweet

You don’t want someone else dictating how you work or when you work. You decided that the benefits outweigh the risks. You’re proud of your business.

Your entrepreneurial spirit has pros and cons. Start ups wear many hats and do it all. But you can’t grow, unless you align with key people. If you continue in business as a solopreneur, your island of independence will limit your success.

The downside of a fiercely independent contractor:

  • Delegate. Your fierce independence gets things started. You intimately know your business and its goals. And often, you believe that you’re the best person for the job. Delegating to others feels cumbersome and tedious.
  • Acknowledge. Your pride keeps you from acknowledging others good work and accomplishments. You could probably do the same work as well, or even better, than your employee. That means compliments are few and far between.
  • Assistance. Even when you are overwhelmed, you don’t know how to ask for help. Saying “yes” to anything that comes your way keeps you doing everything. This means you’ve given up some personal time to do it all.
  • Approachable. Because you are busy and focused, people hesitate to approach you. Your tasks come first and everyone knows it.

As the leader of your business, how long can this last before burning out? This isn’t what you signed up for. Overloading yourself with tasks limits your potential. How long will you endure this before you’re ready to lighten your load?

Start Building Connections

As a fiercely independent entrepreneur, you are holding back your business. The toll it takes extends beyond your business. Ongoing overwhelm leads to depression, strained relationships and physical health issues.

small business

Start to think creatively about your small business.

Follow these steps to feel freer, to grow your business faster and reduce the overwhelm.

  • Energy drain. List all of your energy drains (don’t hold back on this one). Then note where your control issues are sapping your energy. Do a drop-it-or-stop-it analysis. What can you easily stop? What’s not a highly effective use of your time or skills? Gather with people you trust to discuss ways to decrease the energy drains.
  • Lighten your load. You want to do it all, but you don’t need to. Start unpacking your tasks and give some to other people. You deserve to get some things off your plate. Delegating can feel like giving away your baby at first. Hand off small tasks first. Pass forward the things which feel like punishment. This frees you up to think creatively about your business.
  • Team talk. Switch from “me” to “we” thinking. Include people you trust in your decision making process. As a fiercely independent entrepreneur, asking for help is difficult. Align yourself with people who enjoy doing the tasks you dread. Remember to thank people for their help. As the leader in your business, you’ll want to encourage everyone to contribute. Start emphasizing how the entire team benefits. Once you realize you don’t have to have all the answers, the team will connect and add vibrancy to your enterprise.
  • Evaluate. Set time on your calendar to regularly evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Ask for constructive criticism. You can say something like, “I think this will work (or not work), what do you think?” Then get quiet and listen.

Join In to Be Successful

Once you start opening up, you’ll find people who will eagerly take on parts of your workload, contribute ideas, create efficient systems, and cheer you on to success. Imagine what’s possible once you throw off the tyranny of doing everything yourself.

Entrepreneurs who solely work in their business basically created a job for themselves. That’s a form of small business ownership which works well for a certain type of individual.

That’s not enough for growth-minded entrepreneurs. Freeing yourself of all the energy drains gives you the capacity to advance your business. Don’t undervalue your experience and knowledge.

Entrepreneurs who solely work in their business basically created a job for themselves. Click To Tweet

Tune in as a leader

A trusted team allows you to explore better systems, engage in group brainstorming for new ideas, and work in partnership. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Gather your courage to align yourself with others who share your vision.

Here’s an advanced tip about exceptional leaders. They realize the importance of listening. The more you listen, the more you learn. This allows your team members to feel acknowledged. They’ll be encouraged to contribute more. Create a culture where everyone contributes.

Adjusting your fierce independence doesn’t mean you turn into a wimp. As you shift your mindset to let others contribute to your success, you step up as the leader who made it all happen. As you inspire others, they embrace ownership.

If you’re tired of being a fiercely independent entrepreneur, then change is possible. The best way to shift from isolated independence to inspiring leader is to alter your mindset. Freeing yourself of old beliefs begins with a decision. Letting go of your need to control everything takes courage.

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