Your Success Mindset

About one out of 12 businesses eventually shut down. So why do some entrepreneurs experience wild success? Rising to the top extends beyond a strong work ethic. They learned to grit it out, even through highly challenging circumstances.

grit is a success qualityYes, your strategy and the amount of hours you devote to your business do matter. The key, however, lies within your mind. That’s because your mindset influences each and every decision you make.

Define success on your terms. What I consider success is different than your idea of success. Maybe it’s finally purchasing your office building, earning enough so your spouse can stay home full-time with the kids, hitting a specific income goal , the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, or recognition as one of the Inc top 5000 fastest growing companies. Since personal reasons are best, choose something deeply meaningful for you.

The Mindset Secret

Here’s the mindset secret of highly successful entrepreneurs: grit.

Laser focus, and not caving in to pressure, gives you an edge. When you’re laser focused, or in the zone, you’re energized, mentally sharp and highly productive. Whereas overwhelm drains your energy, causes you to second guess yourself and reduces your productivity.

Grit is a mindset quality. You don’t have to be born a competitive, pushy, manager. Similar to elite athletes, plenty of entrepreneurs possess grit.

Over time you develop the tenacity to stick with something-no matter what. Your passion to make a difference and be the best you can possibly be motivates you to pursue your vision.

Develop the tenacity to stick with your vision. Your passion to make a difference and be your best motivates you to pursue your vision. Read the post #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Consider all the challenges that you’ve already faced. Each one stretches your capabilities. Along the way you uncovered hidden qualities within yourself that you didn’t even realize you possessed. Your deep connection to your vision, along with your desire to succeed, fuels you forward.

Here’s how GRIT is your mindset secret:

  • Growth. You devote the time and effort that your business demands. As unexpected circumstances arise, you adapt your strategy. Focus, conviction and courage become your beacon when circumstances mess up your plans. Productivity improves when you’re laser focused and engaged.
  • Readiness. What’s your game plan to gain recognition and build your business? Identify where you shine and refuse to settle for good enough. The top 1% of entrepreneurs and athletes seek mastery. It’s gained by trial and error. That means they sometimes make mistakes, and even risk failure, in order to succeed.
  • Intent. Success minded entrepreneurs willingly sacrifice some comforts now when they believe it opens the door to future opportunities. They play BIG rather than remain in their comfort zone. As a result, each milestone advances them one step closer to their vision.
  • Tenacity. Here’s an advanced mindset tip: whether you succeed or fail, no one action defines you. Figure out how to gain insight from your actions without personal judgment. View the successes, and the failures, as stepping stones in the grand scheme of things.

Plenty of entrepreneurs claim a desire to be wildly successful. To achieve that you need to walk your talk.

Grit in action

grit is a success qualityWhere are your intentions and your actions out of alignment? Then find where a conflicting value or belief is subconsciously causing interference.

Shelly said, “It took me over a year to raise my current prices.” Her goal is to double her revenue this year.

However when we discuss raising her rates, there’s some push-back. It’s not that she doesn’t want to increase her profits. Rather, there’s a conflicting belief that keeps her from following through with what she wants.

1. Identify. We identified the underlying belief. Personally, she’s always been tight with money. She simply doesn’t believe clients will pay those fees.

2.Insight. We developed an alternative perspective. This means working through the belief so it’s now aligned with what she wants. This removes the resistance to raising her rates.

3. Implement. Follow through with the strategy. This requires grit because raising her rates still feels highly uncomfortable.

4. In sync. Transform the resistance into flow. She finally did something that she had resisted for a long, long time.

Shelly carved out the necessary time, energy and effort to get this done. Once she connected to her reason, then her actions reflected her commitment. She knew what she wanted; however, she couldn’t do this on her own.

Never “what if…”

Grit takes you the full distance. Will you achieve your BIG vision? No one knows for sure. Putting in the hard work to achieve your full potential means you’ll go further than if you only did the easy, fun things. You’ll never have any regrets wondering later on “what if.”

Strive to be your best. Habitually laser focus on one specific milestone that’s aligned with your vision. Then choose to develop the specific, necessary qualities to achieve those results.

The mindset strategies that work for elite athletes, work for you too. Develop your grit.

The mindset strategies that work for elite athletes, work for you too. Develop your grit. Read the post #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Consistently focus on your vision – especially through the tough, challenging moments. When it’s messy, figure out how to work through it. You’re only given challenges that you’re able to rise up to and overcome.

GritSuccessful entrepreneurs commit to their vision. Grit motivates you t go the extra mile. It’s your secret weapon. A resilient mindset compliments your growth strategy.

Follow these steps to develop grit.

  1. Stretch. Set a milestone that stretches beyond your current capabilities. Choose one that requires effort.

  2. Selfish. What’s your personal reason for achieving that milestone? The more personal the better. Here’s where you want to be selfish.

  3. Strive. What do you need to accomplish along the way to hit your milestone?

  4. Setbacks. Identify some challenges that could arise and would throw you off course.

  5. Strategy. Now develop the strategy for facing those challenges if they occur.

Do you dwell over mistakes and find it difficult to regain focus? Your mindset is the solution to maintain focus, even when it’s messy.

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