Money blocks affect your prosperity

Have you ever cringed putting a price tag on your unique abilities and genius? Have you ever shrunk back in negotiations and settled for less than you are worth? Ever wonder how money blocks affect your prosperity?

Most entrepreneurs struggle with under-earning and are uncertain about how to set their rates.

Fortunately, there are some practical steps you can take to get paid what you are worth.

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What money blocks affect your prosperity?

What money blocks affect your prosperity?

Easily remove common money blocks

As a guest on the “Money-Wise Women” show Crystal Arnold and I delve into the real reason some entrepreneurs continue to struggle in their business. We use The Emotional Freedom Technique to remove highly common money blocks that affect your prosperity.

Are you ready to attract and serve your clients? If so, then you’ll want to listen to the interview. One of the most difficult conversations you’ll have with your prospective clients revolves around money. Your discomfort during this part of the conversation will break your rapport. We discuss how the one thing that maintains the connection during this important moment.

Discover what clients really value

As a growth minded entrepreneur it’s possible to grow a successful businesses without compromising your values. You want your potential clients excited to work with you. Follow the specific steps to effectively attract and serve your clients.

You’ll walk away with four specific things clients value most and will happily pay for.

Discover four specific things clients value most and will happily pay for. Click To Tweet

Are your services an expense or an investment?

When you charge by the hour, you become an expense in the minds of your clients. Potential clients would rather make an investment instead of adding on an additional expense. Charging by the result is the solution. This creates a partnership with your clients. Separating your fees from time positions your services as an investment and not an expense.

Ever wonder whether it’s possible to balance family and work harmoniously?In this conversation Crystal gets vulnerable with me and goes through a tapping process to find greater clarity about that exact issue. Join in to gain greater peace and confidence in your own timing and rhythm, just like she did. Experience a valuable system that can easily clear your money blocks to financial success. Don’t let money blocks affect your prosperity any longer.