Ordinary entrepreneurs do extraordinary things

Ordinary entrepreneurs do extraordinary things. Every day there is someone just like you and me who is making stuff happen. These are the entrepreneurs who get noticed and rise to the top. They are all around.

?Lauren Trantham, The Women’s Photographer, fits into that category.? Boudoir photography is her specialty. Not the cheesy type. Making women feel beautiful is why she does what she does.

Life, even for a boudoir photographer, is not perfect. Her current journey goes from ordinary to extraordinary because it is born from struggle.

Unexpected challenges arise

One year ago Lauren realized her marriage was not working. She was giving more than she was getting. No matter how hard she tried to make things work, the problem wasn’t fixable. Eventually she decided to separate and then divorce.

Our lifetime is filled with challenges. Some are easier to navigate than others. Your response to those situations influences whether you retreat or rise up. Lauren’s courage fueled her to rise above the challenge.

Ordinary entrepreneurs do extraordinary thingsRise to the top

Things were difficult. Lauren, however, surrounded herself with people who deeply cared about her. The time had come to rediscover her true self. She had to journey within before she could rise to the top.

Fortunately, identifying with the struggle was not her style. Did I mention that Lauren is a bad ass? Creative expression, primarily with her camera and writing, helped her work through her stuff. Could her grief and pain become a catalyst for something positive?

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Running away wasn’t an option

The discussion, over time, shifted. She wanted to create meaning from this experience. How can good come from bad? Running away wasn’t her style. Lauren’s desire was to expose a problem.

Putting her energy into a cause added meaning to her struggle. Then her focus would shift from herself to others. The search was on to find a  worthy and inspiring cause.

These 5 steps helped her go from ordinary to extraordinary.

  1. Inspiration. Two choices existed. Either submit to the pain or rise above it. She began searching for something which inspired her.
  2. Intention. Lauren needed to harness her energy in a project. She decided to connect with a cause that offered meaning to her reality. Intuitively, this was an important step in her healing process. Decisively, she searched for a cause that would fire her up.
  3. Ignition.. For many entrepreneurs, planning the details and getting started is the fun part. Lauren found her mission. She chose to expose this nations sex trafficking issue.
  4. Interest. Many brilliant projects fail to finish because implementation becomes boring. So how would she maintain her interest throughout the duration? This project tied her favorite interests together, adventure, photography and her motorcycle. The plan was to ride 9000 miles on her motorcycle across the country photographing women who were former victims of sex trafficking.
  5. Implementation. This was bigger than Lauren. Help was required. Rebecca Bender was the perfect partner for this project. The Rebecca Bender Initiative is an organization with a worldwide reach that helps victims of sex trafficking. This dynamic partnership was ideal.

Ordinary entrepreneurs do extraordinary things when they choose a mission that is based on inspiration instead of need. That’s because inspiration lifts you up while need connects your mission to the problem. Although sex trafficking is a very real problem which ?auren wants to expose,  the Ride My Rode project celebrates the women who were able to step away from that industry.

Ride My Rode

ride-my-roadIn 60 days, Lauren’s project went from inspiration to implementation. Ride My Rode, the name for her project, kicked off on September 2 in Ashland, Oregon. During her 60 day motorcycle ride she’s visiting 25 cities and photographing 42 women who were former victims of sex trafficking.

Ride My Road was never on Lauren’s bucket list. A close relationship exists between breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Success is born from failure. Her failed marriage could have defined her. Instead, she sought an opportunity. Ride My Road is part of her healing journey. Lauren is a singular example of how ordinary entrepreneurs do extraordinary things. Inspiration is all around you. What inspires you to rise up to the top?