Overthinking: The Stumbling Block to Opportunity

Overthinking your business is called analysis paralysis. Instead of moving forward you stop to examine every detail, double check data, re-examine major points, look for details to add or subtract, over-edit text, and spend time wondering whether this is really the right solution.

Overthinking for a small business owner not only causes mental tension but leads to stress because getting things done takes more time than expected. Second guessing each decision keeps you from moving forward, making progress and achieving success.

Spending too much time in your head is like replaying a disaster movie over and over again. Click To Tweet

Everyone does this from time to time. Chronic overthinkers, however, find themselves rehashing conversations, second-guessing outcomes, and imagining disastrous outcomes. Spending too much time in your head is like replaying a disaster movie over and over again.

Overthinking your business

Overthinking your business is called analysis paralysis.

Stop Overthinking Your Business

Unrelenting self talk and non-stop worry are prime indicators that you may be overthinking your business.

Unrelenting self talk is an ongoing conversation in your head reviewing all the problems over and over again.

  • What was I thinking when I said that to my client? She’s probably going to have someone else do the project.
  • Saying “yes” to work with that client was a mistake. I regret doing that just because I needed the money.
  • My childhood was filled with worry. I always took care of everyone else and don’t know how to say “no.”

Non-stop worry creates worst-case scenarios about the future.

  • I can’t go for that project since I don’t have enough experience. If I get the project, they may realize I’m not qualified.
  • I’ll make a fool of myself at tomorrow’s presentation. I’ll forget what to say and lose that big client.
  • Why even bother to market my business? I can’t beat my competitor’s price.

If you find yourself using conditional verbs like would, could, and should you are probably wasting valuable mental energy.

Transform Overthinking into Positive Action

Realizing that you’re spending too much time making decisions is the first step. Although it feels like there’s nothing you can do, that’s not true. Change is possible. Imagine taking actions that grow your business faster without the anxiety or constant self talk.

Dwelling on your business is exhausting. Follow these 5 tips to stop overthinking.

1 Interrupt your self-talk

Your inner critic knows how to get your attention. Awareness is the first step toward change. Negative emotions like doubt, shame, guilt or feeling like an imposter are hints that your inner critic has hijacked your thoughts. Begin to notice what triggers self-criticism.

2 Shift Your Attention to Solutions

You’re brain is unable to find solutions when you’re focused on the problem. That’s because negativity leads to negative emotions. It’s a vicious cycle.

You’re brain is unable to find solutions when you’re focused on the problem. That’s because negativity leads to negative emotions. Click To Tweet

It’s okay to acknowledge a problem. Instead of jumping to what went wrong and placing blame, start identifying ways to fix the problem. Focus on the things within your control to correct the problem.

You possess control over your attitude and effort. The health of your business improves when you stop dwelling on the problems and start seeking solutions.

3 You are not Your Thoughts

You’re more critical of yourself than you are of others. Repeatedly beating yourself up or calling yourself a failure keeps you in a rut.

You are not your thoughts. Instead of saying “I’m a fraud” start saying “I’m having the thought that I’m a fraud.” This small, subtle change offers a different perspective. It starts to separate you from your thoughts.

dwelling on the future

Dwelling on the future is what I call “future tripping.”

4 Stay in the Moment

If you open your car door and bang it into the next vehicle in a parking lot because you are thinking about what might happen at tomorrow’s meeting, you’re dwelling on the future. This is what I call “future tripping.” Anticipating something that may, or may not, happen is out of your present control.

Learn to savor the moment. Notice what you’re doing right now. Feel your feet firmly grounded on the floor. Pay attention to the details in your surroundings. And if nothing else works, breathe deeply for 30 seconds.

5 Change What You Are Doing

Get up and do something else when you find yourself dwelling on things. Go for a walk, exercise at the gym or bury yourself in a project you enjoy. This distracts your mind and gives you a break from the inner critic.

Shift Away from Overthinking Your Business

As you begin to incorporate these new activities your mental attitude will shift. As a result, you’ll spend less time worrying about all that could potentially go wrong.

Put all the potential “what ifs” behind you. You’ll become more productive and find your work more enjoyable.

If you’re drained from overthinking your business, let’s fix that. Follow these recommendations for your business to be successful, and grow while keeping your passion alive. Are you tired of doing work for free because you don’t know how to charge for it? Discover how to get paid what you are worth and attract clients who understand your value. Right NOW claim your FREE RESOURCE to create value based pricing.