Marketing blocks

My first business coach said, “You are going to learn to love marketing.” I just chuckled. She had no idea what I thought about marketing or networking events. My marketing blocks were firmly embedded.

For 12 years Steve, my husband, attended all the networking events to promote our counseling agency. Steve was more charismatic and enjoyed schmoozing. Those large rooms were ideal for Steve. Personally, I gravitated toward small gatherings. Remaining in the office, working directly with my caseload of clients, suit me perfectly.

Catalyst for change

The decision to create my own business, Business Success Solution, became my catalyst for change. My aversion to marketing was primed for a complete overhaul. Those old, familiar marketing blocks now interfered.

There was nothing I could change about marketing. Only one option was within my control. My perception had to change. The moment of truth had arrived about how I was holding myself back.

Discover the disconnect

A disconnect existed between my success vision and my feelings about marketing. Building my business meant stepping away from the comforts of my office. Unfortunately my education never taught marketing or networking skills. Creating a marketing plan that fit my personality was the only way this would work.

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What are your specific marketing blocks?

What are your specific marketing blocks?

Are your marketing blocks holding you back? Start to clarify your vision, your strategy and your plan.

  1. Seek. What is it that you want so much, you are willing to do anything to make it happen?
  2. Story. Create your success story. Then regularly envision achieving your defining moment of success. Your brain responds best to visualization when it’s vivid, emotionally charged and viewed in the present tense. This informs your brain about something specific which matters to you.
  3. Solution. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want to do, set your sights on what you desire. Move toward a solution instead of away from a problem. Review how you tell your story. Focus on achieving something which is positive and personally meaningful for you.
  4. Strategize. Outline your plan, but be flexible. Don’t worry about all the necessary steps. Over-emphasizing the “how” leads to perfectionism and procrastination. Progress is difficult when you’re overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.
  5. Step out of the box. Create a fun and appealing success strategy. If your marketing strategy feels like work, you are unlikely to stick with those activities for the long run.
  6. Specific. List which steps will get you results. These will be your success milestones. Add them onto your calendar. Your brain craves specifics. Instead of saying “I will start marketing twice per week in 30 days” change that to “I will join BNI and attend my local association networking event in 30 days.”
  7. Support. Nobody expects you to do it all on your own. Team up with someone else. This will help to keep you going, especially when you want to give up. Accountability is a wonderful motivator.
  8. Simplify. Take action. Focus on two specific opportunities which are immediately available. Juggling everything all at once will cause overwhelm and avoidance.
  9. Success. Celebrate each small success you experience along the way. Progress is happening. Acknowledging each milestone builds self confidence and keeps you going, even when it is uncomfortable.

Desire for success

My desire to succeed is stronger than my fear. Growth continues to uncover old beliefs. Reframing limiting beliefs, turning a negative into a positive, is an ongoing process.

The tools to rethink my marketing blocks are readily available. This is a growth opportunity. Learning to become comfortable with what had been uncomfortable is a process.

Liberate yourself from blocks and obstacles.

Liberate yourself from blocks and obstacles.

Challenge your comfort zone

“If it is uncomfortable, than I ought to be doing it” is my motto. This insight is my ticket to freedom. Passion and purpose drives me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. As a result I refuse to remain stuck any longer than absolutely necessary. This is a primary reason why I continue to invest in working with a business coach. Success is a process, not a destination.

Feel like you are ready to move forward with your business, but the thought of creating a plan, developing a strategy and implementation is overwhelming? The “yes, buts” and excuses interfere. It’s possible to liberate yourself from your marketing blocks and obstacles. How much is it costing you in your personal and professional life to figure things out on your own? Get support. You deserve to do the work you love and earn the income you desire.