Stop Being Good at Doing Something Wrong

Working too much

Working too much leads to exhaustion and burnout.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to work yourself into exhaustion. That happened with my former business. I sacrificed time with my family, because I didn’t believe I had a choice. Fortunately, I’ve now realized it doesn’t have to be that way. Working too much stifles your business growth.

Society teaches us to be efficient. Industries have been built around time management and efficiency. But that’s not always the best business model. When you are efficient but not effective, you’re good at doing something wrong.

For example, you can use a template to build your website. The process is efficient because you don’t have to do the coding yourself. But if the site is difficult to navigate or has broken links, site visitors will quickly leave. Then it is not effective.

Emphasizing speed and time does not always work in your favor. Sometimes things that enhance the experience are more important than speed. Think about it. If you went to an upscale restaurant, and they rushed you through the meal, how would that affect your experience? Quick service ruins the experience.

The Efficiency Trap

Simply because you do something quickly – efficiently – doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to grow your business. Does it truly improve your quality of service?  Often, it’s something you enjoy checking off your list. Maybe the busywork lets you postpone doing some other things that you don’t enjoy.

Success is counter-intuitive to what most business owners believe. Review the different aspects of your business. Focus on what’s effective, even when it’s not the most efficient option.

One bookkeeping client consistently underpriced her services. That’s because discussing her fees was uncomfortable. Since she wasn’t charging what she was worth, money was left on the table. We adjusted her onboarding process to include a thorough diagnostic.  Doing something that took more time up front, actually led to better clients and increased her revenue.

Working too much stifles growth

Not all tasks are created equal. Be brutally honest with yourself. You’re holding onto things, or following systems, that are not very effective. It’s now time to let them go.

You’ve become comfortable with a specific routine. Shifting your workload takes some getting used to. Yes, letting things go is tough. However once you’ve taken that step, you’ll free up time to focus on the things that really matter (including time for yourself).

Running an entrepreneurial business is a process. The things which worked in the beginning may create drag as your business matures. You’ll want to review and adjust on a regular basis.

Let’s face it, working too much isn’t sustainable. You’re spread too thin. You’ll become more effective when you slow down and do less.

Since your time is a priority, only choose actions that consistently get the best results.

The Two Types of Goals

Are you crystal clear about what you want to achieve? If not, you’ll pursue someone else’s suggestion and wonder why things seem so difficult. I urge you to avoid mediocrity and becoming trapped with a business you don’t enjoy.

Are you crystal clear about what you want to achieve? If not, you’ll pursue someone else’s suggestion and wonder why things seem so difficult. #smallbusinesssuccess Click To Tweet

Set aside time to define your vision of success. What does success mean to you? My clients don’t view money as their number one motivator. Instead, they emphasize how they want to make a difference for other people.  Money becomes a measurement of your effectiveness.

Ready to stop working too much? Then focus on these two things.

  1. Outcome goals. These are targeted toward an outcome over which you have no control. For example, you may want to sign on three new clients in the next 30 days. But you have no defined way of controlling the outcome. Wishing won’t make it so.
  2. Action goals. My business coaching clients learn that only two things are within their control. That’s their attitude and their actions. For example, regularly attend a weekly network meeting. Then schedule weekly lunch dates with potential referral partners or potential clients. Consistently do these specific activities to attract new clients.

These two types of goals work together. First you define what you want: the outcome. Then, you empower yourself to achieve that result by defining the specific activities.

As you clarify your goals, you will discover that many of your current activities take up your time, but don’t really contribute to your business growth.

Steamline with Questions

Ask yourself these questions to identify your most important work activities.

  • What outcome do I want to achieve?
  • Which actions will help me make that happen?
  • What are the things I’m doing that get the best results?
  • Which things are not getting great results?

As you consistently focus on the tasks that bring the best results, your business grows. You’re probably still holding onto some things that are below your pay grade. Start to target some of your new found income to get some help and lighten your workload.

There’s nothing worse for an entrepreneur than loving your business while experiencing burn out. You deserve to enjoy the work you do. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Reduce Burnout, Frustration, and Overwhelm

experiencing burn out

There’s nothing worse for an entrepreneur than loving your business while experiencing burn out.

There’s nothing worse for an entrepreneur than loving your business while experiencing burn out. You deserve to enjoy the work you do. So let’s reduce the burn out. Don’t compromise other aspects of your life, especially your personal health and well-being.

Reduce the frustration of always working without getting ahead. Remove time consuming tasks that don’t grow your business. This one move will cause you to fall in love with your business again. Once you experience the difference, you’ll wonder why you waited this long.

Working too much doesn’t work

Emphasize the effective tasks that grow your business to replace your overwhelm with enthusiasm. Focusing on what’s effective means doing what’s right instead of what’s fast. This will renew your joy for growing your business.

Sometimes you’re too close to your work. That’s when sorting out your various activities can seem confusing. As a therapist turned business coach, we team up to identify your most effective actions. That’s because I’m a results junkie and I want you to succeed. If you’re tired of working too much, then schedule a free strategy session to grow a profitable business without working harder.