Strategic Planning Retreat for 2019

Jump start 2019 with your Success Blueprint

Success starts with a decision.

Get ready to make things happen instead of waiting for success to happen to you.

This is not a spectator event. This is where the rubber hits the road. Bring your bold self, get answers to your business challenges and connect with other growth-minded, committed entrepreneurs.

You know what you want, but not sure how…
  • You’re seeking different results.
  • You’re dedicated to your work.
  • Winging it isn’t working for you.
  • Doubt clouds your vision.
  • Sacrificing your lifestyle isn’t an option.
  • Why go small when you can go BIG?
  • Your life partner is also your business partner.

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Tuition is $297

2 Seats Remaining

   Empower Your Success

Join us at BBSI, 2045 Cardinal Ave, Suite #100 in Medford

From 9am to 4pm

Lunch is included

Space is Limited – 2 Seats Left

You’re entering a “No Fluff Zone.”

Here’s what to expect during the Strategic Planning Retreat…

  • Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Detailed action steps that guide your success blueprint.
  • Highlight income boosting strategies.
  • How to strategically do less to earn more.
  • Strategic shifts so your business supports your lifestyle.
  • How partners in business work to their strengths.  
  • And so much more

Brilliant Ideas

You’ll be amazed at how we easily accomplish so much during this one day retreat. You’ll start with an idea and leave with a plan as I help you discover needle moving strategies.

Your Breakthrough Plan

Receive laser focused coaching. This is your opportunity to join a private, intimate gathering of growth minded entrepreneurs. We’ll roll up our sleeves to map out an inspiring, effective plan.

Target Your Best Next Move

As a results junkie, I want you to succeed. My intention is for you to leave with clarity about your BIG picture strategy and your action steps.

What others say about these retreats…

From doubt to full committment!

This retreat definitely renewed my enthusiasm. I’m now motivated to go forward. And, once again, put my dreams out to the universe with much positivity. Susan Howard


Reached my goals 9 months sooner than originally expected!

I went into this retreat without any expectations in mind. My business plan is now concrete and actionable. The plan I developed has advanced our growth timetable. I am now expecting to exceed my goals 9 months sooner than I had originally planned. My advice to others considering this retreat is to remain open. The retreat was like drinking out of a fire hose. Jay Toral

J Toral Consulting

$30,000 to $50,000 a Year “aha”

One idea I received could potentially add $30,000 to $50,000 a year to my income. These events are well worth the money. Matt Allen MLO-254296

Sr. Reverse Mortgage Banker

Tuition is $297

2 Seats Remaining

Claim the Success Your Desire!

Your Strategic Planning Retreat Bonuses

Your Business Success Assessment

Recognize your start point prior to the retreat. Then pinpoint the strategic moves which will advance your business.

The 5 Must Have Strategies for Success

Discover how to emerge from the chaos and clutter of your current work life. Then learn how to accelerate your success while doing the things you love the most.

Your 10X Vision of Success

One thought has the potential to spark new ideas. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Free yourself from constraint to explore the possibilities.

Tuition is $297

2 Seats Remaining

Your Business Success Host, Loren Fogelman

Getting stuck, avoiding mistakes and struggling with slow growth is frustrating when you’re on a mission to make an impact. As a sports psychologist turned business coach, Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success, helps fix those things. 

Loren is an internationally recognized success expert and has developed a 5 step blueprint for entrepreneurs to double their income working half the time.

She is author of The Success Solution – Break Through Limiting Beliefs for Business Success, an Amazon bestseller. Recognized as a high performance consultant by the LA Times, Loren believes success happens from the inside out. Similar to elite athletes, highly successful entrepreneurs consistently challenge themselves to stretch beyond their comfort zone. 

 Loren frequently speaks to entrepreneurial and professional audiences with insights about how to discover your value, increase your revenue and lighten your workload.

Get the skills you need to reap the rewards you deserve.

Success does not have to be a complicated, difficult or drawn out process.

Over thinking, delaying decisions and waiting to get it perfect will slow down your progress.

Business owners are comfortable working in their business, doing the day to day operations. Working on your business, to strategically grow your business, is an advanced move. This is where you take charge of your destiny.

Are you seeking to make a difference for others? Then don’t settle for mediocrity and the status quo.

Vanilla is boring. I know you want more.  Inside you possess a burning desire to do something exciting and extraordinary.

The insight to your best next move can happen in a matter of moments. Your far-off idea which has slowly been percolating can quickly become clear, concise, and tangible. You’ve illuminated your path forward.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, couple-preneur, or business owner, momentum is important. Starts and stops will slow your growth. I’ve witnessed too many business owners stall to never regain their momentum.

I want you to create an unfair advantage that will fast track your business. Let’s get together for the day. During the day long retreat we’ll roll up our sleeves to work on your business. You’ll gain clarity, insight and know your exact next steps which will advance your business.

Yes! I’m ready to rise above the competition and go BIG.

More praise for Loren Fogelman

The ticket to the retreat is $297. Is it worth that? Well, what is it worth to increase your income – without working harder? Would you invest $297 to increase your revenue?

You are the BEST investment you can make in your business. Treat yourself to a first class retreat that’s in your own backyard. The additional time and expense of travel easily adds $1000 to a retreat.

Now the beauty of a one day retreat is that you set time aside in your calendar to work on your business. You get it ALL in one day. Implementing a brilliant move into your business is easier when it’s fresh in your mind.

The added bonus is the networking. It’s an opportunity to create new joint venture opportunities, affiliate relationships or even gain one new client. That alone would cover your investment.

Why should I go to your retreat?

First of all this retreat is an opportunity for us to personally train you with what you need to know. It’s similar to an athlete receiving laser focused insights from a coach. A small shift can lead to significant results.

We roll up our sleeves to advance your business. I want you to succeed!

There is nothing locally around here where you’ll receive this level of interaction and teaching for a price this low. This is equal to a $5,000 “private” training for private clients.  Imagine increased profits, more fun and your business supports your lifestyle.

Success begins with a decision.

Here’s the bottom line. It’s your decision whether to invest in this retreat or not. What matters most is that you MAKE A DECISION now instead of later. Don’t delay and add this to all the things you need to think about. Postponing decisions is energy draining. Decide YES or NO. Trust you’re making the right move. If YES, reserve your spot to learn how to structure a business you love.

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE events always fill up because they are high quality and high content specifically for local growth minded business owners and professionals. This one will be no exception. So claim your seat below! Local business coach, Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution and author of The Success Solution, an Amazon best seller, will host a full day seminar emphasizing specific strategies and steps for business owners to serve more clients, increase their bottom line and grow their dream business. Claim your seat for the seminar by clicking the yellow button below.

Tuition is $297.

* Cancellations and Substitutions If you must cancel for any reason, notify our registration department 30 days prior to the event. Your registration will be refunded less a $25 processing fee. Cancellations after this are non-refundable. If you cannot attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your registration to another person. Business Success Solution – COPYRIGHT @ 2018 – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

More praise for Loren Fogelman

I’ve reached the top!

Loren has helped me focus my energy in order to get the greatest productivity. I started with great desires and Loren helped me to sort, expand, and center my concentration in a way that the very best of me has reached the top. I’m implementing and executing at a much higher level with Loren’s help.

Kellie Hill, The Right Plan

Loren’s insightfulness is absolutely uncanny.

If you’re a business owner ready to play BIG and step things up to the next level by being part of a powerful, program designed for results and fits your budget, then you are ready for this dynamic Mastermind group. Before speaking with Loren, I was dragging my feet about some personnel changes within my business. She lasered in on the issue and then gently “called me out” on it, while pointing out the implications of what continuing to do so could have on me and my business. By having it stated in such a simple, undeniable and LOGICAL way was just what I needed to get out of my own way. If you have a roadblock that is holding you back in your business, Loren is the one to help you clear it.

Jean Keller

A great return on investment!!

I have a huge goal of taking my company to one million this year, and something kept telling me that anxiety, restlessness, and guilt was a huge piece for me – I just knew that Loren would help me. But, honestly I didn’t know it would be this fast.

Natalie Bradley

Tuition is $297

2 Seats Remaining

Sponsored by BBSI and The Jefferson Farm Kitchen

Business Success Solution – COPYRIGHT @ 2018 – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED