Time management secrets

Entrepreneurs are constantly attempting to balance time and money. As your business grows the requirements shift. Start ups have more time than money. Business growth will tip the scales so you have more money than time. Time management is a skill which helps to reduce overwhelm and burn out.

Technology offers constant access. Text messages, instant messages, social media and cell phones can keep you connected 24/7. That’s a lot of time to be always available in your business.

Your business lifeline

Your computer and your cell phone may be the lifeline to your business. They’re also a source of constant interruptions and distractions. It’s easy to quickly be pulled in many different directions. So let’s explore some solutions to help you take charge of your agenda.

Here are 4 time management secrets of successful entrepreneurs:

1. Ditch it: Some things ought to be completely removed from your agenda because they’re either inefficient or ineffective. Does anything come to mind for you?

Here’s the difference between efficient and effective. Efficiency is getting things done quickly and with the least amount of effort possible. Effective means taking the right actions that lead to results. An example is that you may be the strongest one to chop down a tree. But if you end up cutting down the wrong tree, then you didn’t get you the desired result.

Consider where you’re efficient, but the system you’re using isn’t highly effective. Many reasons exist to remain with what’s worked so well for so long. Ancient and outdated systems fall into this category. Finally, Don’t forget to overlook where duplication exists or what you’ve been tolerating because change is difficult.

2. Delegate it: Entrepreneurs are idealists. We possess a vision of the client experience and our business operations. Trusting another person to join your team is a BIG step that not all entrepreneurs are willing to take.

You can only do some much before your plate is overflowing. Doing it all yourself creates other problems. At some point you’ll hit your glass ceiling with continued business growth. Then you’re faced with the choice to get help or remain solo.

Here are some ideas of what to pass on. Find someone who loves to do the things you hate. Hint: these are the activities which bore you and you wish would go away. The activities where you’re skill level is low or non-existent are great things to delegate. Once you get these things off your list, you’ll wonder why you held onto them for so long.

3. Defer it: Before you can prioritize something, you need to know what you aim to achieve. When I work closely with entrepreneurs, we sketch out the details of their ideal business This is like putting the exact coordinates of your destination into your GPS. Then you fill in the gaps with milestones along the way.

Once you determine you’re destination, it’s possible to decide which activities top the list and what gets pushed aside. Review all the things you’re doing. Volunteer activities are one of the things which require time. Are you open to looking at which to continue and which to postpone for now? The things which are effective, efficient and you enjoy doing ought to top the list.

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4. Do it: Once your load has been lightened the important activities and responsibilities remain on your agenda. These activities will help to serve your clients, lead to business growth and make you money.

Time management and efficiency impact an entrepreneurs success.

Time management and efficiency impact an entrepreneurs success.

Eliminate the grind

Imagine spending the majority of your day doing those things you enjoy most. With a strengths-based business, your gifts and talents are optimized. You decided to put the grind behind you. Those things are either ditched, delegated or deferred.

You’ll continue to gain awareness of things you’re doing which you’d like to take off your plate. This is a work in progress. Business growth will alter your roles and your strengths. That’s because you will grow along with your business. This is a fluid, adaptable process.

By the way, if you’re one of those people who says “yes” to everything, then consider an operations manager or admin who manages your calendar. Time management works with all personality styles. Sometimes the way to optimize your time is to have someone else managing the details for you.

Time management is not one size fits all. Choose one thing that would free up your time. Make sure it’s something you’re committed to following through on. Then post a comment and share what helps you be more effective and manage your time.

Feel like you’re on the verge of burnout and ready to get re-inspired? Sometimes you’re too close to the issue to know what will help to turn things around. So if you’re ready for a breakthrough, then let’s talk.