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It’s time you got paid what you’re worth. Keep an open mind during this course. You’ll notice how opportunities will start to emerge. You’re already doing many of the right things. Now we’re going to create your client enrolling blueprint. This course will help turn potential clients from interested to committed. As an entrepreneur, the sales part can be challenging. Growing a prosperous business depends on you working with clients who value what you offer. Learn how to enroll new clients who are eager to get started. Carve out time on your calendar to practice the strategies and tactics offered in the Conversations that Sell training. You’ll notice shifts as you talk about your programs and payment with ease. It’s a game-changer. Success starts with a decision. You are in charge of your destiny. I’m excited to discover how the opportunities will unfold for you. Get started by taking this quick assessment. Your answers to the assessment will help me tailor the program to your exact needs. Ready to dive right in? Then start with the bonuses. This program includes five modules that are self-paced. Congrats on stepping up and saying “yes” to you!