The Strategic Plan

If you don’t define your destiny, then you’ll aimlessly wander. A clear vision influences everything you do.  It’s like the beacon sitting on the top of a lighthouse.

If you don’t define your destiny, then you’ll aimlessly wander. Read how to take charge. #shestheboss #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Recently, Steve and I decided that we wanted more clarity about our destiny. So, we scheduled time to develop our strategic plan. Our phones, text and email were shut down. We spent the entire weekend defining our future.

First, we reviewed the past year. We celebrated our joys and wins. Next, we listed our failures and the insights we gained from them. Finally, we acknowledged the hidden blessings that were sprinkled throughout the year.

strategic planDefine Your Future

After our year in review, we defined our future. Our strategic plan focused on four highly important areas in our life. Then each area had three specific subcategories.

An entire afternoon was devoted to carving out our future.  We wrote a short paragraph describing the ideal circumstances for each area of our life. Rather than strive for something achievable, we stretched beyond the sure thing.

After each activity, we read and discussed what we wrote. Tears, laughter and dreams were shared. Much of what I wanted, Steve wanted too. Of course, we had some separate aspirations.

Rather than solely focus on the dream, we chose to voice our perceived limitations. Yes, we listed our limiting beliefs. Because we created a safe space, we felt comfortable being vulnerable and transparent.

I believe that negatives can be turned into positives; we did that with our fears and worries. Each limiting belief had an opposite positive belief written next to it. Surprisingly, that exercise challenged me. This section of our strategic plan is resource we can turn back to throughout the year when overwhelm or doubts arise.

Co-dependency Ruins Your Business

Because I’m the boss, it’s my job to give Steve direction. We discussed expectations during our strategic planning retreat. As a result, we’re expanding Steve’s role over the next 12 months.

Working together requires clear boundaries. If our marriage wasn’t strong, then working together would cause more problems than it solves.

Working together requires clear boundaries. Otherwise, it would cause more problems than it solves. Read how to make this work. #shestheboss #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

That’s exactly what I see with many of the couples that we coach who are in business together. Since I’m working with service-based entrepreneurs, they often lack clear boundaries. Instead of leading their team, even if their teammate is their spouse, they end up micro-managing or picking up the slack.

By the way, those tendencies cross over to your customer relationships too. When you find yourself working harder than your client, you’re in an unbalanced relationship. Although you may believe you’re helping that other person, you’re really not.

Codependency occurs in all types of relationships, professionally and personally. You’re not codependent in one aspect of your life and adhering to firm boundaries in all your other relationships. It typically doesn’t work that way. Over time, frustration and resentment builds up.

This hurts your company’s productivity. Don’t confuse co-dependency with leadership. Since many of our clients have high standards for their business, they naturally pick up the slack.  Our clients learn to lead, rather than rescue. As a result, they transform their employee mindset into a CEO mindset.

strategic planThe Journey Together

The journey to build a business together comes with celebrations and challenges. An open mind is essential. Our strategic plan keeps us on the same page.

When I first started business coaching, I rarely disclosed anything about myself. My training as a therapist taught me to guard my private life.

Consistently working with a business coach, and participating in mastermind groups, turned things around. I gradually realized there was more to gain by being vulnerable and not knowing it all. Sharing the human side, including flaws and mistakes, requires courage.

Your Inner Circle

Although Steve is married to the boss, there are times I need to seek outside support. My inner circle includes my business coach and mentors. They offer valuable insights from a different perspective than Steve’s.

How well defined is your strategic plan? Successful business partnerships lead to professional growth and enrich your marriage. If you’re ready to confidently own your position as the CEO of your business, then let’s talk. You’ll clarify your vision during the complimentary strategy session.